What Does a Settlement Agent Do and What Costs Are Involved?

Buying your first home with a settlement agent

The home you buy is sure to be one of the largest investments you will ever make. You should have the proper guidance throughout this process and especially during the final stages.  Finalizing a real estate transaction can be a lengthy and complicated ordeal. However, when you rely on the expertise of a settlement agent, this can significantly alleviate your stress.  By being aware of all the things this professional can do for you and the costs that are involved, you may be motivated to hire the right person for the job.

Using a settlement agent

You’re sure to be extremely excited about your purchase and may prefer to settle on the home quickly. However, it’s ideal to avoid doing this on your own and choose a settlement agent that you can trust instead. This will help ensure nothing goes wrong, and you can move into your new home without a hitch.

Listed below are some of the things this expert can do during the finalizing of the property:

  • Makes certain all the documentation is accurately done and the certificate of ownership is placed in your name.
  • Works to ensure the proper inspections of the home have been done and there aren’t any issues with the property.
  • Continually updates you on the progress of the settlement and works to inform you of any concerns along the way.
  • Ensures the funds for the home are ready to be transferred to the seller.
  • Attends the settlement of the property for you.

Costs Involved

Settlement agent information

The precise amount you pay for a settlement agent will vary, because this individual can set the fee for the job. However, you and this person must agree on this amount and it’s ideal to sign a contractual agreement with all of the details.

There are varying factors that will impact this fee and some of these are listed below.

  • Strata title – If the property consists of apartments that are on varying levels.
  • First time home buyer – It will be taken into consideration if this is your first home or not.
  • Vacant land – The status of the land will be a factor in the total fee.
  • Resident – If you are living on the property full time will affect the settlement costs

For instance, studies indicate that a home purchased for $400,000 that isn’t strata titled, your first home purchase and one you’ll live in on vacant land will have average settlement fees of $1375.45. Keep in mind there may be additional costs and your agent will inform you of the exact amount of these.

The benefits of having a settlement agent are numerous and is sure to be the only way for you to accurately complete a home purchase. Otherwise, this can be a stressful and complicated process that can take a large amount of time. Be sure to rely on the right agent in Australia today to enable your home purchase to go smoothly.

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Easier Seasonal Decorations with 3 Great Tricks

Home fully decorated for xmas

Decorating your house for the holiday season is always a fun project that you and your family generally enjoy participating in. But after all is done and the season is over, the hassle of storing everything begins. In fact, organizing and storing seasonal decorations can be quite a bother, especially when you live in a small apartment and can’t count on effective onsite storage solutions. Even for bigger house owners, all those seasonal delicate things can be difficult to store.

In this situation, renting self-storage in your area would be a smart move. Pick a unit that responds to your specific needs in terms of costs, space and features, and use every single inch of space to arrange and deposit seasonal items in a convenient manner. Here are three great tips on how to put away old decorations once the party is over.

Group Items Based on Season/Occasion and Trim Your Collection Regularly

Seasonal Decorations Ordered Nicely by shape and sizeStart by going through your stuff and separating the things that you only get to use once a year from the ones that you actually need on a regular basis. Group all items by occasion or season and store them in clean cardboard boxes or bins. Label each container to ensure an easier identification. When dealing with smaller decorations, it would be best to group them in smaller boxes or plastic bags within a bigger container. This will help you save space and keep everything neatly organized.

Come Up with a Storage System That Makes Sense to You

Perth Storage WAGenerally speaking, the best storage solution that you could come up with is the one that allows you to sort, deposit and protect your contents with minimum effort, while also giving you the chance to visualize, take inventory of, and retrieve your items with ease at any given point in time. Therefore, get creative when it comes to using the extra space that you have rented from your favorite provider of self-storage in your area. Add open shelving, racks, cube storage and any other cheap organizing system that is fully compatible with your practical and aesthetic requirements. Most people choose to store seasonal items in clear bins that fit side by side on shelves. If you don’t want to add shelves inside your unit, put your belongings in sealed and labeled cardboard boxes that you could stack up to the ceiling.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Environment

As an additional measure of precaution, consider spending a little more on a unit with climate control. This handy feature will enable you to protect delicate decorations (especially the ones that incorporate metallic parts or precious fabrics) and avoid damages caused by extreme temperatures and humidity.

Rent the best-sized unit with one of your local area reputable storage unit providers. With a few clicks, profit from attractive monthly specials and discounted rates, and make use of a truly convenient and effective offsite storage solution suitable for a wide range of high-value goods.

How My Son’s 5th Birthday Turned From a Disaster Into a Success With a Bouncy Castle Hire Service

Large Inflateable Bouncy Castlee

In a world of electronic gaming and growing intelligence among children, planning a birthday party that wouldn’t bore my son seemed like an impossible feat. I didn’t want an ordinary day of video games enhanced by cake and pizza for his special day. I wanted something that would allow me to see my son enjoy being a kid with his friends, to engage him and get everyone moving around while still holding their interest. As I thought about the cost of different types of entertainment, my options dwindled and the days went by. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find something in time. A friend mentioned using a bouncy castle hire service and it was something that had never crossed my mind.

Easy Theme Resolutions

Perth bouncy CastleKids can be restless and a theme for my son’s party seemed like a good way to focus the group on one main attraction. The perth bouncy castle hire service resolved this decision when I made the booking. It seems simple but the bouncy castle itself was the best main attraction I could ask for. For five year olds (and I’m going to assume most kids in general), the sheer size and bright colors of the bouncy castle were enough to wow them all. I worked with the bouncy castle hire provider to find an attraction that fit my yard so that it can be loaded in and set up without trouble. After that, the kids were excited to jump around until it was time to cut the cake.

Safe Entertainment

A dozen (or more) children running around the house and yard playing games seemed like a great way for one of them to get seriously injured. If my son’s friends are any indication, five year olds don’t pay much attention to where they’re going or whom they might bang into once they get into having fun. All they think about is laughing more and maybe who’s winning whatever game they’re playing. The bouncy castle hire service provided safe entertainment without competition. The kids got to keep on laughing and no one was worrying about being the loser or coming in last place. Us parents were able to watch them play and have fun without worrying that they’ll trip and fall on the hard ground or that they’ll end up in tears because they didn’t get picked for the best team.

Planning Made Simple

Jumping Castle for GirlsSince the entertainment centered on the attraction delivered by the bouncy castle hire service, I didn’t have much else to do in order to plan the party. Plates, cups, food, and the cake are things that I’m used to planning on an everyday basis and the other parents involved were a big help with those components. The thing I was stumped on before the bouncy castle hire service was suggested was what the kids would do for the duration of the party. The best part for me and all the other parents was that the kids were all tired out after bouncing around all day! The idea saved my son’s birthday party and everyone else won’t stop talking about it. The whole thing was a complete success.

How to Find the Best Phone Repair Shop in Your Area

Broken Iphone needing repair

To find any great service, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and the best possible customer service. You don’t want just anyone repairing your phone – but instead, someone with plenty of reputable experience in the field. Phones aren’t cheap, and neither is phone repair. That’s why it’s important to do a little homework to find the best possible phone repair shop in your area.

Google the Names of Companies in Your Area

Nowadays, it’s so much easier to find companies with great reviews, thanks to the internet. Rather than strictly going off of word-of-mouth referrals or taking a chance at using the company with a really great marketing campaign, we have so many new ways of looking into companies before we decide to use their services.

Two hands repairing a phoneBefore you book an appointment with just any phone repair company, it pays to do some research first. Head to websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Businesses and see what the reviews say about the company. Visiting the company’s social media pages can also be beneficial since you can see how previous customers have rated the company, and you can check for positive or negative comments.

When I was last on a holiday in the lovely warm Central Coast, I had a momentary laps in concentration while out having a drink. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and next thing you know it had left my hand and headed for the curb. To make things worse, I tried to catch it only to miss-judge in a panic, and send my beloved device hurtling at the concrete double time. Of course it had to happen while I was away from home here in Melbourne.

I cracked my screen so bad I could no longer use my phone. Not to call, nor to use the internet. Knowing this was bad news, I quickly borrowed a friends device and googled phone repair Central Coast looking for the best reviews for a phone repair service in the area.

Sometimes, you just need fast results. For that, searching google is the key.

Can’t Visit the Store? Mail It in

If you can’t find a company nearby to repair your phone, mail-in options are also available. You’d probably consider ordering a new phone online, so why not send it in to be repaired, if needed? However, you should plan to communicate with the company over the phone or through email before mailing in the device. If they don’t have a phone number to call or won’t return your phone calls, it’s probably not a good sign.

One of the advantages of visiting the physical location of a phone repair company is that you will see and feel for yourself how reputable the company seems, and you can ask them as many questions as you’d like until you feel like they’re a good fit. Mail-in options may leave you feeling uneasy since you didn’t get that face to face communication like you would if you visited the physical location.

Make Sure They Offer Warranties

Walk in phone repair store

You never want to go with a company that doesn’t offer a warranty on a phone. Whether it’s 30, 60, or 90 days, a warranty is always necessary. When you ask them which services are covered under the warranty, they should be able to tell you upfront what is covered under warranty and what is not.

Do a Price Comparison

When you do research for a phone repair shop in your area, make sure that you look into the overall prices of the repair service, warranty information, customer reviews and ratings, and the average repair time. Cheaper repair costs don’t always mean better since your device probably wasn’t cheap to begin with, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each and every option.

Train Will Connect Melbourne and Sydney, Good News?


There is already an existing deal for lands that will be used by a private company for the establishment of eight new stations that will connect Melbourne and Sydney. The $200 billion project will begin within five years if it gains approval from officials and community. Of course, there is still a lot of things that will be finalized but as of the moment, things are heading in the direction of a high-speed rail train being built to connect Melbourne and Sydney. Now, the question is, how will this affect Melbourne and Sydney? If it is good, how good? While this may excite some, some people are just simply unaware or uninterested. They might be thinking that it’s just a train, how could it affect my life here in Melbourne. Well, let me explain how.

What kind of train will be used?

Train Melbourne

Since this part has not been finalized yet, we are hoping that they would use the speedy model of the trains being used in the world right now. For example, France’s TGV would be a good option since it would mean that the travel time will only be within two hours due to the speed. Now if it comes to this situation, this will be a good long-term project that could help out both city. There are other options out there, but as long they decided well on this part, and I’m sure that they will, it won’t be a problem. The company handling this right now is trying to get in contact with the Prime Minister and they need to prove themselves that they are good even in choices like kind of train to be used.

To what extent could this help out both city?

MelbourneAir traffic of Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa is the third busiest in the whole world. That means that the construction of this high-speed rail would help out a lot of people. Access will be a lot easier, after all, it is a lot more comfortable boarding a train as compared to going to the airport. And it would also open up the possibility of products transport. I am not saying that it is not being done, but it would be a lot cheaper. What these means is an economic boom for both of the city, and it would make these great cities, more impressive. Now, this is not a bad deal, and people from both cities would be more than happy to pay for these services, meaning, the expenses will be covered early, and maintenance will be surely not a problem. Based on sources, that is their main plan for this future construction.

These trains, are they really worth it.

Well, if there would be no major delay or unexpected events, and everything will go as planned, I would say that it is more than worth it. Even though it is still in the approval stage right now, I am hoping that they could finish the project as soon as possible.

How about you? What is your opinion about this upcoming project?