John Wilkins

Hello, my name is John Wilkins.

Looking at the news being presented in the media today, one can’t help but feel sad. It is always negative. ISIS, mass shootings etc, though I acknowledge the part that they are important, yes, we need to be aware of these events, I think that there should be a website that focuses on the good news. A website that aims to provide you a good day greeting. And that is how I started Globe Film.

Globe Film’s ultimate goal is to provide news that captures moment of happiness throughout the world, a film strip of moment. However, we aim to start from the beginning, from my hometown, which is the city of Melbourne.

The reason that this news site is focused in Melbourne is due to the fact that it is my hometown and there is a lot of great things and events that we can talk about here. I don’t think that we’ll run out great things to talk about here.

Happiness is really undefined, I mean, there would be no specific value of something that you need to get or consume to experience optimal happiness, but I’m doing my best to help out, and I think a little bit of good news here and there would help out anyone to become a little bit happier.

If your site or business is awesome, we will also consider featuring it in our website, you just need to do an application with our team using the contact page. However, we reserve the rights to deny or approve the submission.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!