How My Son’s 5th Birthday Turned From a Disaster Into a Success With a Bouncy Castle Hire Service

Large Inflateable Bouncy Castlee

In a world of electronic gaming and growing intelligence among children, planning a birthday party that wouldn’t bore my son seemed like an impossible feat. I didn’t want an ordinary day of video games enhanced by cake and pizza for his special day. I wanted something that would allow me to see my son enjoy being a kid with his friends, to engage him and get everyone moving around while still holding their interest. As I thought about the cost of different types of entertainment, my options dwindled and the days went by. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find something in time. A friend mentioned using a bouncy castle hire service and it was something that had never crossed my mind.

Easy Theme Resolutions

Perth bouncy CastleKids can be restless and a theme for my son’s party seemed like a good way to focus the group on one main attraction. The perth bouncy castle hire service resolved this decision when I made the booking. It seems simple but the bouncy castle itself was the best main attraction I could ask for. For five year olds (and I’m going to assume most kids in general), the sheer size and bright colors of the bouncy castle were enough to wow them all. I worked with the bouncy castle hire provider to find an attraction that fit my yard so that it can be loaded in and set up without trouble. After that, the kids were excited to jump around until it was time to cut the cake.

Safe Entertainment

A dozen (or more) children running around the house and yard playing games seemed like a great way for one of them to get seriously injured. If my son’s friends are any indication, five year olds don’t pay much attention to where they’re going or whom they might bang into once they get into having fun. All they think about is laughing more and maybe who’s winning whatever game they’re playing. The bouncy castle hire service provided safe entertainment without competition. The kids got to keep on laughing and no one was worrying about being the loser or coming in last place. Us parents were able to watch them play and have fun without worrying that they’ll trip and fall on the hard ground or that they’ll end up in tears because they didn’t get picked for the best team.

Planning Made Simple

Jumping Castle for GirlsSince the entertainment centered on the attraction delivered by the bouncy castle hire service, I didn’t have much else to do in order to plan the party. Plates, cups, food, and the cake are things that I’m used to planning on an everyday basis and the other parents involved were a big help with those components. The thing I was stumped on before the bouncy castle hire service was suggested was what the kids would do for the duration of the party. The best part for me and all the other parents was that the kids were all tired out after bouncing around all day! The idea saved my son’s birthday party and everyone else won’t stop talking about it. The whole thing was a complete success.