Train Will Connect Melbourne and Sydney, Good News?


There is already an existing deal for lands that will be used by a private company for the establishment of eight new stations that will connect Melbourne and Sydney. The $200 billion project will begin within five years if it gains approval from officials and community. Of course, there is still a lot of things that will be finalized but as of the moment, things are heading in the direction of a high-speed rail train being built to connect Melbourne and Sydney. Now, the question is, how will this affect Melbourne and Sydney? If it is good, how good? While this may excite some, some people are just simply unaware or uninterested. They might be thinking that it’s just a train, how could it affect my life here in Melbourne. Well, let me explain how.

What kind of train will be used?

Train Melbourne

Since this part has not been finalized yet, we are hoping that they would use the speedy model of the trains being used in the world right now. For example, France’s TGV would be a good option since it would mean that the travel time will only be within two hours due to the speed. Now if it comes to this situation, this will be a good long-term project that could help out both city. There are other options out there, but as long they decided well on this part, and I’m sure that they will, it won’t be a problem. The company handling this right now is trying to get in contact with the Prime Minister and they need to prove themselves that they are good even in choices like kind of train to be used.

To what extent could this help out both city?

MelbourneAir traffic of Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa is the third busiest in the whole world. That means that the construction of this high-speed rail would help out a lot of people. Access will be a lot easier, after all, it is a lot more comfortable boarding a train as compared to going to the airport. And it would also open up the possibility of products transport. I am not saying that it is not being done, but it would be a lot cheaper. What these means is an economic boom for both of the city, and it would make these great cities, more impressive. Now, this is not a bad deal, and people from both cities would be more than happy to pay for these services, meaning, the expenses will be covered early, and maintenance will be surely not a problem. Based on sources, that is their main plan for this future construction.

These trains, are they really worth it.

Well, if there would be no major delay or unexpected events, and everything will go as planned, I would say that it is more than worth it. Even though it is still in the approval stage right now, I am hoping that they could finish the project as soon as possible.

How about you? What is your opinion about this upcoming project?